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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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we have lots of snowfall. and let's go to our mobile weather and look at the current temperature. 29 degrees. the barometric pressure way down. the winds are currently blowing at 13 miles per hour. it's a blustery day here at 4200 feet atop mount hamilton. we're expecting anywhere between one and five inches of snow. this going to be shutting down the road to mount hamilton within the next hour or so. so we'll keep you updated as the snow is on the fly. roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> stay on top of the weather in your own neighborhood with our interactive high-def doppler radar. that's at our website, at least four people are dead after a shooting spree in southern california this morning. authorities say the shooter took his own life after a deadly chase through orange county starting around 4:45
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with reports of gunshot victims in ladera ranch. 25 minutes later three people were fatally shot in tustin and santa ana in a carjacking. the suspect then shot himself. new details of the case of the suspected cop killer christopher dorner. today the l.a. police chief says dorner stalked his potential targets before he reportedly began a series of deadly shootings. that's the chief, charlie beck. he didn't provide details but said there are indications dorner was at some of their homes. he is accused of killing four people including two police officers before dying in a fire and shootout with police in big bear. we're learning more about a possible motive behind the massacre at sandy hook elementary. sources say 20-year-old adam lanza was obsessed with another serial killer and wanted to top his death toll. investigators say he picked the
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sandy hook school because it was an easy target with a large number of potential victims. 20 students and six staff were killed when lanza opened fire. olympic sprinter oscar pistorius now says he shot his girlfriend but it wasn't on purpose. during a court hearing, pistorius' attorney read a statement from him recounting the events of valentine's day. he claims he woke up to loud noises and did not have his prosthetics legs on. pistorius says he shot through the bathroom during then realized it was his girlfriend reeva steenkamp who was on the other side. the 29-year-old model was laid to rest today. meanwhile, prosecutors increased the charges against pistorius today. he now faces premeditated murder charges. a mother who spent time in prison for having sex with underaged boys is in trouble with the law again. christine hubbs spent the past 2.5 years in jail. on friday her parole officer found her with pornography. that is a violation that was
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enough to send her back to jail. she was called the hummer mom for driving 14-year-old victims around in a big suv. police in alabama have arrested a man for a triple murder in sonoma county. 46-year-old mark cappello from colorado was arrested after he was pulled over for a traffic stop near mobile. he is accused of killing three men near forestville in a drug deal gone bad. and tonight the oakland city council is expected to decide whether to pay for more help from the california highway patrol. the city administrator wants to spend $162,000 on chp patrols through march and april. that would put 10 chp officers on the streets. chp has been helping in oakland since november but paying for officers out of its own budget. the clock is ticking in washington. there's less than two weeks to go until automatic spending cuts take effect. that's unless congress can agree on an alternative. kpix 5's elissa harrington is in our newsroom with more on what's at stake. >> reporter: the white house
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says she is cuts are so steep they could derail the economy and push unemployment numbers back up. they will kick in march 1 unless washington lawmakers find a solution. >> are you willing to see a bunch of first responders lose their jobs because you want to protect some special interest tax loophole? >> reporter: with the deadline looming and jobs on the line, president obama surrounded himself with police and firefighters to send a message to congress. emergency workers are just one group who will lose jobs unless lawmakers avoid the latest fiscal deadline. $85billion in cuts known has the sequester are set to take effect in 10 days. obama warns the effects would be felt across the board. >> fbi agents will be furloughed. thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. >> reporter: the pentagon faces the biggest cuts. about $46 billion. >> the way they cut the defense budget is the worst possible way and it's the most inefficient way and it's the what that i will do the motion damage to our security. >> reporter: -- the most damage
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to our security. >> reporter: the president wants to put off the sequester to get a budget deal. it was supposed to kick in january 1 but was pushed back following "fiscal cliff" negotiations. president obama wants a debt solution that includes spending cuts and tax increases. but many republicans have no interest in more tax hikes. >> let me be very clear and i say this to you as well as to the president: these spending cuts are going to go through on march 1. taxes are off the table. >> reporter: lawmakers created this deadline to try and force a broad budget deal by now but they are not even in session it week meaning no votes will occur until they get back leaving only a few days to negotiate. in the newsroom, elissa harrington, kpix 5. historic day for google. stock in the internet search engine is trading above $800 for the very first time ever. slow climb to 800 though. google topped 700 over five years ago. but now it's going strong. overall, stocks are higher today too after the long
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president's day weekend. up nearly 50 points on this tuesday. a big announcement today in the mission rock development along san francisco's waterfront. the san francisco giants say they have secured their first tenant for the almost $2 billion project. kpix 5's cate caugiran is in san francisco today to tell us who is looking to move in. so who is it, cate? >> reporter: well, let me tell you, it is anchor brewing company, the maker of the beloved anchor steam beer is going to be making pier 48 its new home making the local favorite a new tenant for the giants project. the giants plan is to put the $1.6 billion project across from mccovey cove and at&t park, it's also known as the mission rock development. it's a tourist draw with a restaurant and museum in the space. the ceo says it will quadruple production and add 200 new jobs to the area. anchor and mayor lee believe
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this kickstarter to the mission rock will reinforce the "made in san francisco" brand at home and on the international stage. >> they are not just going to build a brewery. we are going to build a destination in san francisco that people from around the world are going to want to see as well as locals. >> anchor and the world series giants and our port of san francisco are on the map but they are the international hub for everything that matters. we make it for the whole world. >> reporter: the entire mission rock development project is still up for port commission approval. commission leaders will still need to look at the financial agreement of the mission rock which will show who pays for what. now, after the entire presentation, we saw city leaders got a chance to taste some of the newest tenant here to pier 48 but we're assuming its just for business purposes of course. [ laughter ] >> reporter: cate caugiran,
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kpix 5. >> reporter involvement perhaps. huh? [ laughter ] >> i'll take that as a no. okay, cate, thanks. masked men break into a plane and take off with tens of millions in diamonds. how fast officials say they got in and got out while the jet was out on the tarmac. >> and research shows foods can affect your future memory loss. the three things you should avoid at meal time to reduce your risk of alzheimer's. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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now's the time to spring. get the poulan blower vac for just $79 at lowe's today. lawrence will have the latest look at the storm and high-def doppler radar coming up in just well, look at that! the kpix 5 mobile weather lab finds snow in the bay. love seeing snow actually. lawrence is going to have the latest look at the storm and high-def doppler radar coming up in a few minutes. and roberta is going to give us a report, too. she did a snow angel earlier. >> she sure did. cal basketball coach mike montgomery will likely have a full house today when he meets the media for a weekly presser.
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he received criticism for shoving a star player during sunday's game against usc. the night game. montgomery had a cavalier response after that game, which they won. but after prodding from uc officials he has apologized. he is scheduled to speak at 1:00 on campus today. it took 8 masked men less than five minutes to break on a runway and steal $50 million of diamonds in a plane in brussels. they drove on the tarmac last night and they took the jewels from the cargo hold of a swissair plane and three minutes later wer gone. an investigation is under way. an east bay family is displaced after a giant tree came crashing on their house. it happened around 1:30 yesterday. look at that. yesterday afternoon, the danville home on alameda diablo, the 50-foot oak caused major house damage, an suv and golf cart. nobody was hurt. the homeowner says there is another downside it all this,
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too. >> we'll be eating out a lot. [ laughter ] >> wife happy with that? >> yeah, although it's too bad. i had a nice tritip ready to barbecue last night. i was all excited to smoke it and never got to it. >> they have a good sense of humor. burman says the hole in the house is covered with the tarp to keep the rain out. he says he is waiting for the tree to be removed so he can get inside and inspect the damage. my guess is they are going to be not only eating out but living out for a while. >> for a while. they have to deal with the rain today, too. >> and all that's happened before the all the rain struck. we could see more problems. we have seen snow today. haven't seen much of that around the bay area this year but yes indeed we are seeing snow. still the high-def doppler radar showing you plenty of rain, too outside. we are not done with the storm by any means. you can see another batch of that making its way into the central bay. and it's just hard to imagine just a couple of days ago we were talking about some of those temperatures up into the 70s but here we go. you see some of that pink on the screen in the north bay, too. so we're seeing mixed precipitation there. maybe some sleet, as well.
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heavier amounts of rainfall and pockets of that into the oakland area right now along 80 and 580 so watch out in that direction. this is starting to slide south and east. outside right now a little water on the lens. we have some showers showing up over the bay as we speak. the temperatures as you moot expect staying very chilly only 45 degrees in concord right now. 45 in san jose. and 45 degrees in san francisco on the mountaintops. many of those temperatures in the low 30s. so we are working on a very chilly afternoon around the bay area. our mount vaca cam showing things settling down a little bit in the north bay still a chance of more scattered showers there but blustery into the afternoon. tonight likely to see some partial clearing and some cold temperatures and then an unsettled weather pattern after this. we have a couple of storms off the coastline maybe not as impressive as today but nonetheless approaching the bay area. here's this one though right now working its way down across our skies pushing that moisture through the bay area and that is bringing with it the rain and the snow. that snow down to about 2,000 feet. it's going to be wet and breezy all around the bay area this afternoon especially into the
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south bay. a winter weather advisory continuing across all the mountains locally above 2,000 feet. the snow at 5" in some of the highest amounts in some of the north bay. so computer models showing you as the system slides through it will bring with it more scattered showers on and off and then looks like overnight tonight things will begin to settle down outside but it's going to be a very cold night all around the bay area. some of those overnight lows getting very chilly in spots. highs today only in the 40s and also the 50s. nighttime well we are still looking at overnight lows down to the freezing mark in some spots. next couple of days we are going to see those temperatures warm up a little bit and we'll dry things out on wednesday, a slight chance of a few more showers on thursday and on saturday. but folks if you get a chance, look up to the mountains. i think the skies are going to clear out a bit. you will see that snow up there and this is more than a dusting. one to five inches. >> that's pretty good. thank you. roberta is out in the kpix 5 mobile weather lab up on mount hamilton where it's
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snowing. >> reporter: yes, i'm atop mount hamilton here at the observatory. it's really hard to believe that just 13 miles down below is san jose. how much snow is accumulating here? check this out. all right? this is at least two inches of so if that has fallen just since noon. since 12:00. it's a dry snow. it's not like really great snowball weather. it's very dry because this comes from a cold system, a cold front. currently it's 28 degrees here atop the mountain. the winds have been blowing easily up to 18 to 20 miles per hour. and look what i ran across. mike williams and also manny acosta. we saw them cycling up the 13 miles to 4200 feet in elevation. you guys are crazy. >> yeah. well, we just decided to go camping last night and we didn't know it was going to be this snowy. we were expecting to come across a little but it turn the into a little more than we were expecting. >> reporter: what's your plan? will you get off the mountain? >> we are planning to head to
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livermore take it really slow and just, you know, hopefully see a little rain. >> reporter: i have cycled here before. i need every gear possible and this looks like an old bike. >> this is manny's bike and it looks old but it's all new stuff. just a steel frame. but it's made to last and it's a good solid bike and you can put all the racks and stuff on here. >> reporter: they made it up here before it started knowing. you cannot make it up now because the road is going to be officially closed. it's a very treacherous drive. i wouldn't even recommend it. and in fact we are kind of trying to figure out at this point how we are going to be getting down from the 4200-foot elevation here atop mount hamilton. again, 13 miles below is san jose where it's been raining. we are here christening our mobile weather lab with this first official snowfall of the season and again, guys, if you want to see just how much it is snowing here, we could come on over here to the car -- our
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truck -- and actually just even right in the snow. reporting atop mount hamilton where, yes, it's snowing! roberta gonzales for kpix 5. still ahead reducing your risk of alzheimer's. the three things one researcher says you need to avoid when you're eating. >> and scientists warn pregnant mothers to watch out what they say is one thing that can make a pregnancy last longer.
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researchers in norway say pregnant women should be careful with caffeine . they looked in today's healthwatch, researchers in norway say pregnant women should be careful with caffeine. they looked at about 60,000 pregnancies monitoring all caffeine intake. they found high levels of caffeine often results in low birth weight babies but also found drinking coffee can lead to longer pregnancies. you may be able to lower your risk of alzheimer's disease by making certain choices at meal time. the advice comes from a researcher at george washington university who says saturated fats, transfats and traces of metal in your food can increase your risk. dr. barnard suggests limiting meats and dairy in your diet eating mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans and watching what you cook with. >> stainless steel pan is
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better than cast iron. if you have copper pipes, use bottled water. >> 30 to 40 minutes of brisk exercise a day can counter act brain shrinkage and prevent memory problems. fresh grocer tony tantillo tell us us red dandelion greens are good and taste great. he and his daughter stephanie show us how to cook them up today. >> reporter: let me tell you something, there's nothing better than dandelion greens and the red ones, stephanie, they are in the market right now, they are hard to find but when you find then, we should find them. you created this wonderful recipe that we had at the grandparents' house. >> these are wintergreens and they are amazing this time of year. the red ones are pretty serving dinner so qui lanched them in water but really quickly and just the stems, branched them. rip that off and cook them and put in a cold bath to stop the cooking. save the red color but you see it change in there. >> you need garlic to make it
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flavorful. garlic and dandelions go together. now we are going to finish this off. and we are going to add too many. >> they make it sweet. these are a very bitter green. >> a little bit of pasta water for me. >> perfect. i'm going to add some pepper, some salt, there you go. the dandelion greens. with the broth. want to put all that broth on top. plate that one. >> i would have done a better job on that. >> thank you, sweetheart.
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off that baby bump! kate middleton debuted her growing the duchess of cambridge is glowing and starting to show off that baby bump. it's a small bump but there. kate middleton debuted it during the a charity event today. her baby is due in july. she is tiny though. >> she is. she has some work to do. >> i think so. finally, what lawrence has been asking all morning, what inspired the first lady's new haircut? >> that's what i want to know. >> we are going to tell you. it was a midlife crisis. michelle obama revealed the bangs at her 49th birthday last month. she jokingly said in an interview she cut her hair because she couldn't get a sports car and can't bungee jump. >> feel so much better now. >> enjoy the snow. captions by: caption colorado
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>> hope: hey! >> oliver: i have a couple more of the proofs to go over. >> hope: i was just about to text you. i'm so sorry. i-i-i can't look at them right now after all. >> oliver: i thought you wanted to get a jump start on this? >> hope: i do. i really do, but my mom just called me. she wants to see me. she said it was important. >> oliver: i mean, i can wait here till you get back. >> hope: we're gonna have to reschedule. i'm so sorry, but she's -- she's
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not at the office. she's at liam's. >> brooke: i wonder when they'll get here. it should be soon. >> fontana: oh, brooke, all your preparations -- it's so lovely. >> brooke: thank you. hope has suffered so much. this is long overdue. >> fontana: and they're both on their way? >> brooke: yes. [ chuckles ] >> fontana: and what will you tell them when they arrive? >> brooke: [ sighs ] i just want them to have the happiness that they should have -- that's been taken away from them. that's what they deserve. thank you for being here. it means the world to me. >> steffy: you're asking me to give you time, and i'm willing to give it to you.


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